SM EDIBLE OIL initial establishment could be traced way back to the year 1996 witnessed a modest dream of 3 young entrepreneurs with a determination and dream to set a threshold in the field of edible oil.

Our company offers a world class facility and provides a comprehensive service for manufacturing edible oil. Our success has been based on developing long term partnership with our customers. We are flexible, cost competitive and always seek to exceed customer expectations. 

SM EDIBLE OIL offers the unbeatable advantage of over 20 years of continuous operating experience and knowledge in the palm oil field. Our core strength is adding value for our customers through understanding their needs and finding innovative, high quality solutions. The many years of experiences and expertise have made SM EDIBLE OIL to become one of the best vegetable cooking oil manufacturers in Malaysia.  

SM EDIBLE OIL always strives to excel in every aspect of the business, from sourcing to processing of raw ingredients, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. All SM EDIBLE OIL products come with an assurance of quality and reliability. Most importantly, every product is tested for the overall quality, taste and texture. Furthermore, all of the cooking oils come with a Halal certification. Without a doubt, SM EDIBLE OIL‘s vegetable cooking oils are the preferable choice for cooking and food preparation.

Through continuous investment on technology, research and development, SM  EDIBLE OIL is committed to fulfil the distinct needs of each consumer and cater for the growing needs of the vegetable cooking oils.


Voluminous experience in the oil manufacturing and export business